Everything is Evangelion has a goal. A mission. To unite the world under one banner which is called Evangelion. We’re here to show you how all your favorite animes, cartoons, books, movies and other nonsense is derivative from, about and because of Evangelion.

But Perch and Kinotu you say! And then stop. Because we love periods, exclamation points and interrobangs. What about (insert here)! It came out XX years before Evangelion. Well Billy, “may we call you Billy”; you see we believe in a little thing called ‘time is fluid’. Who cares if normally 1 precedes 2. Or 1989 came before 1996. That still doesn’t stop your favorite show from being exactly like Evangelion.

If it wasn’t patently obvious, this blog carries on the grand internet tradition of spuriously dismissing media because of its tenuous similarity to a beloved piece. In this case, Evangelion.  As with every internet argument before this one the reasoning is at best idiotic and at worst flat out false.  We’re also totally right though.

Disclaimer: We don’t own Evangelion or any other show, book, song or other compared item. We are making no form of monetary profit from this blog. Also we spoil things. A lot. But hey, if you’ve seen Evangelion you know what will happen.

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