15000 views is the power of linking pictures on the internet

So, yeah, discovered that there were 15,000 hits this year on top of 0 new blog posts.  Hope you folks enjoyed our archives! And by archives, I mean the pictures we put up.  I’m quite positive nobody who came here has any idea what we’re talking about! And it makes me laugh quite frequently, so keep on showing up and we’ll keep on not doing anything! (Unless some incredible outpouring of public request causes us to come out of retirement) 


Here’s to a brilliant 2013. 

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3 Responses to 15000 views is the power of linking pictures on the internet

  1. Scud says:

    I actually think the stuff you put up is pretty funny (ya’ know, back when you actually put stuff up). Ended up here looking randomly searching Evangelion and have to say I’m glad I did–good job guys, if you’re even still around to care XD

  2. Scud says:

    K, I spent another hour or so reading the shit you guys put on this site. A lot of it is just straight up funny (which is why I kept reading for so long), some of it gets redundant, but ultimately I’m kinda’ just shocked that you actually took the time to put this shit together–I mean, you seriously compare everything on here to Evangelion…The hell does that come from? WHY? I can’t help but laugh while I’m writing this because even though I don’t get it (I kinda’ get it: Eva is totally awesome), I think it’s totally awesome all the same. Seriously, I noticed you guys don’t get a lot of comments, so I’m commenting again to say that this shit kept me thoroughly entertained for a good two hours or more…Take of that what you will XD

  3. Glad you enjoyed the site, we enjoyed making it. We just both got tied up in other creative projects. And we felt like we’d made our point with this site.

    This site was basically born of our frustration with the argument ” Y thing I don’t like is just a shittier version of X thing I do like.” It’s a specious argument and usually the comparisons make about as much sense as the comparisons you see in our entries 😉

    Glad this site still emails me comment notifications, and glad you enjoyed your read!

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