This week we have a special guest writer

Meet Sammy, a stray from the mean streets of Tokyo 3, who knows that Everything is Evangelion.  Case in point: That white patch on her adorable chin?  Reminiscent of the ray of hope that Shinji keeps alive in spite of his otherwise black life.  Note how she’s rubbing up on our leg.  Clearly just like Asuka rubbed up on Kaji.  Oh yes, we may have picked up this poor abandoned kitty because we felt awful about it huddling around in the northwest cold and damp winter, but we kept it in the house because it gave us a detailed report of the similarities between Fancy Feast and the Seele organization.

We’re currently trying to give it a bath for the fleas and seeing if there are people who can give it a good home, we’ll be back for a christmas/almost a year special next week.

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