We get comments here all the time.  And frequently they have insightful questions about the content of our site.  Questions like, “Are you a crazy person?” or “Nice blog, check out my cheap deals on electronics!” and my favorite “How far back does the influence of the incredible Evangelion go?”  We’re still researching how deep this Rabbit Hole goes, but one thing we can say:  At least back to the 1600s.  I bet Asuka cut the turkey while Shinji tried not to run away from the mashed potatoes!

If you’ve never experienced it, Thanksgiving is the American national holiday (Canada has it too, but they jump the gun) celebrating the day some white people scammed some native people out of enough food to regain their strength.  They then used said strength to kill said native people with a most hypocritical vengeance.  But the day itself is to symbolize working together and to be thankful for the blessing that you do have.  And it is in that spirit that we celebrate today.

1) Pilgrims versus Seele.

-You think when Nerv approached Seele they were like “We’re trying to figure out the best way to screw you guys over!”  Heck no!  They were all: “Hey, we need your resources so we can work together for the greater good of both of us!”  Yeah, exactly.  And then Nerv gave Seele a bunch of pox ridden Eva Pilots.

2) Thanksgiving is represented by the Turkey, the one bird that can satisfy our ravenous yearly hunger.  Evangelion is represented by Shinji, the one being that can satisfy our ravenous Angelic hunger….

-Hunger for ass whoopins?  Not really.  I mean, how many angels tried to take a bite out of Shinji, huh?  Hell, even Unit 01 liquified and absorbed him once.  Shinji’s like an all white meat buffet to these things.  He’s been tenderly basted in fear and paranoia, and fed a steady diet of delicious neglect and mental abuse.  The constant physical strain is like stuffing!

3) Thanksgiving is about getting together with your family. Those incredibly annoying and disturbing people.  Kind of like how Evangelion was about bringing families together.

In both cases, your families should probably just keep doing what they’re doing.  Separately.  And yet, for the greater good you put up with each other.  I know I’m looking forward to my dad commanding me to hop into the family mech after lunch.  He knows how much I hate it.  Smells like liverwurst in there.

4) The original pilgrims made several journeys to America.  The angels came several times to assault earth.  Coincidence?  Obviously not.

-Maybe the angels were just looking for a passage through the earth to some other celestial body.  They just kept getting hung up on all those lousy indiginous peoples.

5) In Evangelion, all of the doings of Nerv were foretold in the bible.  The pilgrims were literally religious fundamentalists following their own guide.

-And though I’m sure their version of the bible didn’t have the bits about everyone turning into goo, they still had some version of the bible.  A lame version, but it’s cool. We don’t judge.

In conclusion, we give Thanksgiving 4 hams out of Turkey… okay sorry, foods cooking and I’m getting hungry.

Have a happy Thanksgiving folks!  Hug someone!

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