More Quick Hits!

So, Perch tells me it’s Friday and there’s no EiE for this week.  Clearly that can’t be the case, because I only just started playing Skyrim, which I ordered earlier on Mond… oh.  Right then.


Normally our crack research team consisting of myself and ten personal assistants I like to call “The ability to type words into Google” meticulously research our articles here on EiE  However, since this week I’ve been busy naming my crafted items after cast members and trying to raise my “Mentally Scar 14 year olds” skill (It’s a perk in the Destruction tree… trust me), I think it’s time for some quick hits.


1) Let’s start with Skyrim, since I’m not actually super far into the game.  Stormcloaks Versus Imperials?  More Like Nervcloaks versus Seelerials, amiright?  A big overweening organization with their own ideas about what makes peace viable versus a smaller slightly rebellious faction with its own aims as to the best direction of mankind.


2) Desert Bus for Hope! In Evangelion, Shinji spent days hopelessly adrift, floating in a bleak void, struggling with questions of his humanity and sanity.  I’m fairly certain the people driving through the old game Desert bus experience a very similar feeling around hour 73.  One of these experiences is incredibly fun to watch and benefits children.  One of these experiences is rather tedious to watch and actively scars children.  Watch the one the helps, maybe?  It starts tonight (11/18/2011 at 6PM PST) and continues until you stop paying them to torture themselves.  We don’t normally pimp a lot of stuff here, but A) It’s for a good cause (Child’s Play) and I watch it every year and it starts up tonight.  So there ya go.


3) Echo Bazaar (Indie Browser game).  The adventures of Echo Bazaar take place after London was dragged underground by bats.  Evangelion takes place after Tokyo was moved underground by giant mechanical lifts and pulleys, which were designed by incredibly smart bats.  At least that’s what I always figured.  Why else hang from the ceiling?  Why don’t we ever see the bats?  Come on, you think Gendo’s above having his contractors murdered after their usefulness has been served?


4) Short Circuit: Johnny Five was alive.  So were the Evas.  Need we say more?  Yes?  Look, all I’m saying is that in Short Circuit Four, Johnny Five gains a 12 year old side kick and then implements Instrumentality.  Everything disassemble, together!


5) In Evangelion, Lilith is kept at the heart of the geofront, suffering and biding her time.  In Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Dagoth Ur sits at the heart of the Red Mountain, biding his time.  Both are also approached by an unlikely hero who ends up thwarting their ultimate goal!  Okay, that happens in Morrowind.  Who knows what the angels actually wanted from Mankind, or if their goal was thwarted.  I’m gonna go with a blanket “no”, because otherwise Shinji might have affected something and we can all agree that’s just not the way things go.  Long story short: Super powerful being kept in the glowing heart of a mountain-like space?  Totally invented by Evangelion.

All right folks, that’s it for now.  I’ma go… umm… look for more similarities.  Yeah.  Gotta keep up the good fight!  Got a couple of special articles planned for the next two weeks.  They might even be on time and shit!

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