Okay people- I’m not going to tell you that I woke up wearing a sarong, some orange panties and a rubber mask in the likeness of Henry Kissinger this past Halloween.  What I will tell you is that if someone offers you a blend of Vodka, Red Bull and Snickers… do not drink eight of them.  No matter how many people yell “Chug”. Had some minor plans for a Halloween update, but that got derailed.  Anyway, I’ve walked back home and I’d like to thank the Wyoming police department for their understanding. Sorry for missing last week.

Fooly?  Cooly?  This week EiE takes a stroll through a quiet town where nothing unusual ever happens.  Ever notice how the little towns where nothing strange ever happens are the towns where the most fucked up shit goes down?  Anyway-

If you haven’t seen it, FLCL is a six episode anime starring a young man without a brain and a young woman whose brain doesn’t really work.  The former grows robots out of his head, the latter hits people with guitars like a sexy El Kabong.  There are other kids around and a weird plot about a shady company up to no good, but what’s important here is that the image of a sexy El Kabong has sunk into your brain.  Yes I am kind of dating myself.  Moving on.

1) Noata is Shinji, Mamimi is Rei, and Haruko is Asuka

-It actually lines up pretty nicely.  Noata is the unsure, spineless, whipping boy of the group.  He finds definition only through his interaction with his mechanical counterpart.  Mamimi is soft spoken but deeply disturbed.  She’s interested in Noata, not for himself, but because of his association with a relative that she actually cares for.  Haruko is a reckless, wild, and fiery personality on a crusade to get what she wants.

While it would have been nice if Asuka had hit more people with a guitar, I think we can all be thankful that people didn’t pull things literally out of Shinji’s head.  There’s absolutely no way it could have ended well.  You’d either get horrific monsters, or the saddest embodiments of moping imaginable.  Or Horrificly mopey monsters… also terrible.

2)Canti is an Evangelion

-Seriously, the show downright says so!  Regardless, the signs are all there: Big robot piloted by a pre-pubescent kid, goes all crazy when things don’t immediately go its way, actually a conduit for a vastly more powerful force… It’s all there.  Sure, the Evas didn’t shit out their pilots when they were done with them… except that one time Shinji faded out of existence…

3) Both shows have an overarching “dealing with growing up” motif.

-Look, I understand how it is.  You’re a young show and suddenly things are changing.  Your androgynous anime protagonists are getting taller and more bishy.  You’re starting to notice the gushing blood your older anime friends have.  You’re finding fan-fic where there was none before.  It’s okay, Japan.  I know that puberty is a strange time, but it’s really not the ridiculously symbolic cluster-fuck you seem to think it is.

4)  In Evangelion, Seele is a villain with dubious motives and even more dubious methods of obtaining those goals.  In FLCL, Medical Mechanica is what would happen if everyone at Seele smoked a ton of weed and forgot what they were trying to do, just that they were supposed to be generically evil.

-Seriously, speaking of dubious all around.  I’ve seen FLCL, like, four times, and I’m still not totally clear on what Medical Mechanica wanted to do.  Something about wiping out conscious thought.  Possibly it was all about exceptionally tidy underwear.  Something about irons, to be sure. Who really cares though?  I mean (just like in Evangelion) whatever they want, it’s 100% not the point of the show.

5) Every Episode of NGE features a new and more dangerous angel for the kids to fight.  Every Episode of FLCL featrues a new and more adorable horn arrangement sticking out of Naota’s head…

-Oh, and a bigger more dangerous robot, but seriously some of those things sticking out of his head are just silly.  He literally grows a revolver from his head in one episode and kitty ears in another.  Why couldn’t Shinji have grown cat ears when he was trying to pilot unit 01?  He should have at least been bitten by a radioactive Pen Pen.  The penultimate villain in FLCL is a giant gunslinging cowboy hand.  Sure beats the hell out of Ramiel.

In conclusion, we give this show 1 Pen -Pen out of 5.  Gendo’s early Evangelion builds used the “Chew up the pilot like an after dinner mint” model, instead of the much less satisfying Entry Plug they eventually went with.  Stupid HR department.

As a last shot, I don’t think you can really talk about FLCL without mentioning the soundtrack by The Pillows.  If you don’t know it, it’s amazing.
As a slightly more lasterer shot- What the hell is this show about?  Seriously?  So weird.  I love it, don’t get me wrong, but it makes about as much sense as a screen door on a flying cat.

Guess it doesn’t matter.  It’s a fooly, cooly kind of thing.

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  1. This is a good blog message, I will keep the post in my mind. If you can add more video and pictures can be much better. Because they help much clear understanding. 🙂 thanks Cavalieri.

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