Priest (manwha by Min-Woo Hyung)

Today EiE takes on the printed page, looking deep into the pages of Min-Woo Hyung’s Korean comic, “Priest” to see where he took inspiration from Evangelion.

If you haven’t read it, Priest is a 16 volume manwha (Korean manga, as mentioned above), currently on hiatus, about an undead cowboy priest, Ivan Isaacs, scouring the wild west in a bloody attempt to rid the world of zombies and renegade-angel monsters.  It’s a violent and sacrilegious tale of repentance and vengeance and loves lost.

Fair warning, if you decide to pick this series up (something that we here recommend), it is offensive on a number of levels.  Racially, religiously, violently, offensive, but its offensive content isn’t to be trendy or ‘look at me, being offensive’. It is used in large part as emphasis for just how fucked up the American Wild West was when it came to these issues. Except for the religious offenses. Those are straight up part of the driving plot of the series.

Kinotu: You’ll note the distinct lack of mention of vampires.

Perch: Otherwise known as “Fuck you movie”

1) Gendo uses the children to his own ends, manipulating them into being his pawns.  Belial uses Ivan to his own ends, manipulating him into being his pawn.

Kinotu: The difference being that Ivan is Belial’s personal Eva.  It would be kind of like if Gendo had brought Shinji all the way to Tokyo 3 to ride him like a pony.

Perch: And both Gendo and Belial play “Devil’s Advocate”.  It’s just more literal in Belial’s case…

2) Shinji has feelings for Rei, despite being somewhat related to her (albeit distantly), these feelings drive him to greater heights of heroism.  Ivan has feelings for Gena, despite being somewhat related to her (albeit by legal adoption), these feelings drive him to god forsaking insanity.

Perch: Yes, but it could be argued that Shinji is driven to God Forsaking insanity by everything in his world…

Kinotu: Again, more literally in Ivan’s case…

Perchalso… I thought Rei was half of Yui, how is that ‘distantly’ related.

Kinotu: Hey, show me a family tree with a “clone” line and I’ll rescind the descriptor.

3) Neither Priest nor Evangelion’s angels would make particularly great “Precious Moments” figures…

Kinotu: See picture above for comparison.

Perch: Oh man, if Shinji had met Temozarela, Evangelion would have been a very, very different show.  My only hope would have been that there had been a scene where Shinji brutally murdered Gendo.

Kinotu: I was hoping for that scene regardless Shinji’s involvement with banished angels…

Perch: And Kaoru’s character also would have been fascinatingly different.  Whereas if Ivan had had to face Shinji’s angels, Priest would have been the manwha equivalent of “Cowboy’s versus Aliens” only with a priest.

Kinotu: Yeah, but I can also picture Ivan gleefully tearing through an AT field with his bare hands and a bowie knife, a la Unit 01.

4) Seele sent their own units down to wipe out Nerv’s presence.  The Catholic Church sent the Order of St. Vertinez to wipe out everything.

Perch: And much like Asuka, there are characters in Priest which invoke wibbly face during those arcs.

Kinotu: At least there’s also an equal level of badass-blaze-of-glory to both.  The end result also feels like less of a cock-punch in Priest…

5) Both shows deal in apocalyptic themes, Evangelion mostly post apocalyptic, Priest mid-apocalypse.

Kinotu: Though, does priest really count as apocalyptic?

Perch: When zombie hordes start snacking on everything they can get their hands on, that’s apocalyptic.

6) Ivan succumbs to his rage and pain, becoming an undead horror due to the loss of the love of his life.  Eva 01 succumbs to its rage and pain, becoming a berserking horror in defense of Shinji’s life.

Perch: And in both instances the main male protagonists just can’t quit those women in their lives.

Kinotu: And both have eerie living reminders who both are and aren’t said women…

In conclusion we give this series 1 pen-pen.  One day, Shinji will stumble across the Domas Porada and then Temozarella will rise again.  Only to be disappointed in the lack of real humans, instead of goo.

Kinotu: Have you ever read the Bible in the Evangelion universe?  I’m not sayin’… I’m just sayin’.

Perch: The bible is just messed up in general.  I mean, hello! Giant flaming wheel with thousands of eyes on it?  Yeah, where’s the shipping for that sexy angel?

Kinotu: Yeah, Priest is about as sacrilegious as you can get, especially with angel lore, and even it didn’t touch Ophanim.

Perch: And that’s Hebrew lore.  Never mind Cherubim and Seraphim.

Kinotu: I think we’re getting off point here.  The point of all of this being, fuck the “Priest” movie.

Perch: Though in all seriousness, if you are a fan of the series and you’re on the fence about watching the movie?  Watch it to support Min-Woo Hyung.  He deserves your money even if that movie doesn’t.

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