Fight! Iczer One

Today we’re going to look at the startling tie-ins between Fight! Iczer One and Evangelion.  How are they similar you ask?

1. Both shows star a mech powered by an unwilling participant. Shinji in the Eva 1 and Nagisa in the Iczer One.

Kinotu: Iczer One is also the pilot of her self-named mech, I’m getting that right? Hey, they even kept the designation number 1

Perch: Occasionally piloted, Nagisa may be unwilling like Shinji, but Iczer is all for it.

2. At the End of Evangelion, the world is reset to Shinji’s desires.  At the end of Iczer One, the world is just reset.

Kinotu: Rendering the entire anime about as pointless as it felt.

3. Nagisa, much like Shinji is about the last person you want to entrust saving the world to.

Perch: What do you mean? All you have to do is get her to start thinking about revenge and she’s perfect.  You just have to kill a dozen people to get her to that point.

Kinotu: Or one specific plot macguffin.

4. Iczer, much like Misato has the unenviable task of attempting to motivate the one person in the world who could care less about saving it.

5. In Iczer One at the end of the, Nagisa consciously decides to save the world.  In Evangelion, at the end of the day Shinji’s mom consciously decides to force Shinji to save the world.

Kinotu: Iczer’s not exactly passive in the “forcing some numbnuts to do their job” department.

Perch: Really, I wish more people in Evangelion had just kept strapping Shinji in every time he said “no”.

Kinotu: I think both shows would have been over much sooner if the main character’s desires had been entirely ignored.

6. In Evangelion the pilots and their Evas share special bonds, as in Shinji and his dead mother.  In Iczer One the pilots and their mechs share a special bond, as in Iczer and Iczer’s mech shaped personality.

Perch: And the Iczer One now comes with a shiny sidecar for human sidekicks!

Kinotu: Nagisa was more like the engine battery.

Perch: I’m amazed they won with a mech powered by whining.

Kinotu: If they could figure out how to harness that kind of power for general purposes their world would never know hunger again.

If you’ve never seen the original Iczer One, it’s a three episode OVA about a race of female aliens, releasing face huggers on the earth all because Big Gold wouldn’t play nice with Iczer.

Kinotu: And the struggles of the one person who can ostensibly do anything about it trying to give a shit about anything but herself.

Perch: But hey, that’s what stepping on random people is for, to make her give a shit.

In conclusion, we give Iczer-One one Pen-Pens. Since the world resets no one ever talks about crazy cousin Nagisa and that one time she saved the earth.

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